• Sagar Prakash

Market Profile Analysis for 30th July 2019

Today we have Bearish to sideways view range 11340 to 11185 #Nifty , if price started trading above 11340 for 30 mins then my view is negated.

Today I don't have any plan to opt for Open auction trader

As expected yesterday #Nifty opened balance with providing OTD Down, move was strong enough to break the previous day low and able to break the IB successfully forming medium IB and ended up with NV day down side. It interesting to see to the see the price open. Because priced moved back to important level. Now need to see how to it reacts at 11265. if they failed break this level at open then I will keep my bearish view.

#Nifty may open around 11135 to 11355.

Nifty Market Profile Values

VAH 11255

POC 11215

VAL 11185

Market sentiment is Negative for #Nifty.

After looking Market profile chart for Nifty all the Imp parameters ( RE is Neg , VA is Neu, EX is neg)


Just Nifty Mys


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