• Sagar Prakash

Market Profile Analysis for 11th June 2019

Today we don't have clarity in #Nifty, Open price and IB will give more clarity. No plan to opt for open auction trade. As expected Nifty open above the Range(imbalance), and with in some time price started moving towards balanced condition by breaking IB low and price took support near yesterday's close and closed above the Important zone and formed medium IB, ended up with forming NV day down side. Need to see the price action around important level 11880, 11910, 11999 & 12019. #Nifty may open around 11950-119700.

Nifty Market Profile Values

VAH 11950

POC 11920

VAL 11890 Market sentiment is neutral for #Nifty. After looking Market profile chart for Nifty all the Imp parameters ( RE is Neg , VA is Neu, & EX is Neu )

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